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How to encrypt a cell phone?

Security in mobile devices has become an increasingly important and sensitive issue, even more so when our terminals are a huge bank full of personal information, chats, photos and even confidential data such as keys, passwords or bank movements.

It is for this reason that it is essential to protect our devices and therefore our privacy and digital security, but what is the best way to do it? Just having a password or being careful with external links is no longer enough, as cybercriminals are developing increasingly advanced techniques to penetrate basic cell phone security and gain access to sensitive information. This is where data encryption to protect our device becomes important.

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What is encryption?

Although the word encrypt sounds like something new or recent, the reality is that encryption or data encryption dates back to ancient times. Our ancestors used codes, hieroglyphs, or signs to send messages and protect information from prying eyes. This is the basic concept of encryption, hiding or codifying a message so that outsiders cannot access it and if they manage to do so, the information will be inconsistent and meaningless.

Today, encryption uses cutting-edge technology and is applied to mobile devices, apps and computers, seeking to protect information and data from malicious third parties.

How do you encrypt a cell phone and why should you have one?

While today’s devices and apps come with some form of encryption built-in, it’s not strong enough to protect the entire device from elaborate cyberattacks.

For this reason, there are different types of encrypted operating systems that can be installed on the device and turn the mobile into a powerful military-grade encrypted device.

By encrypting the cell phone with an encrypted license, the original operating system is replaced by a military-grade encrypted one, with special features such as encrypted chats, secure calls, remote message destruction, secure cloud vault, cryptocurrency wallet, among many more. functionalities that you will not find in an ordinary system.

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By having an encrypted cell phone you will obtain security and confidence. Encrypted phones use military-grade technology that encrypts all information going in and out of the device, making them impenetrable to third parties. All your photos, documents, voice messages, chats and even notes will remain safe and only the owner will have access to them. Even if you are the victim of a theft or lose your phone, the information will continue to be secure, as it can only be accessed with a password. Also, You will have the option of remotely destroying all the data on the device by sending a simple specific message to the chat.

You will not be able to be tracked, geolocated or intervened. Encrypted cell phones have international sims and mechanisms that block access to the current location, in addition, all calls made will be secure.

Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados

What are the best operating systems to encrypt a cell phone

There are different brands on the market to encrypt your cell phone. Among the most prestigious and reliable in the market we have brands such as: Cryptcom, SecureCrypt, ChatMail, GhostChat, TotalSec, VaultChat, Ultra X, Diomerc or Dec Secure.

Each brand handles different functionalities and different values ​​according to the user’s needs. However, they are all reliable and ultra-safe and are currently listed as the safest in the world.

At Encriptados.io you can find not only these brands, but also encrypted applications and an Encrypted Sim Card so you can start protecting all your communications from start to finish.