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Omerta vs Encriptados
Comparison of Encrypted SIMs

Encriptados is an excellent market alternative to Omerta or any other brand of Encrypted SIM Cards, as it is secure, private and affordable for any type of person. In this article we can see the differences of the services offered by Omerta and Encriptados.

Omerta vs Encriptados
Comparison of Encrypted SIMs

The Encrypted Sim Card is not tied to plans or contracts. The user can take as long as they like to consume the package’s resources before reloading. As long as it is being used, the balance will not expire.

What makes Encriptados an excellent alternative to other brands on the market?

We take your privacy seriously!

The Encrypted SIM Card is the best international SIM card option that connects you anywhere and offers you the security and privacy you are looking for.

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You will not be able to be identified, located or intervened.

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Free of contracts and permanence clauses. Pay only for what you consume.

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Your information may not be stored, manipulated, shared or sold.

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Compatibility with any type of mobile device and with all applications.

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Coverage in more than 200 countries with excellent connection and economy.

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Hidden IMEI and IMSI to prevent associating the Sim Card to a phone or locate the connection source.

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Option to generate random numbers for each call.

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Safe and easy to use. Activate instantly online and recharge from anywhere.

Sim Cards Cifradas Encriptados

Price-Quality Relationship
Omerta vs SIM Encriptados

At Encriptados we seek to bring secure communications and cybersecurity closer to all people, therefore, our Encrypted SIM Card has an incomparable value in the market, having the best and most secure features.

Encrypted SIM Card




Data plan
for Encrypted SIM

25$ - 500$


Minute plan
for Encrypted SIM

55$ - 180$


Change IMSI
for Encrypted SIM

5$ - 50$


Differences between Omerta and the Encriptados Sim Card?


Compared to OMERTA , the Encriptados SIM has better prices, with the same or better quality of service. Pay only for what you use!


Encriptados offers coverage of more than 200 countries with excellent connectivity and security, much more than what is offered by OMERTA.

Without plans

OMERTA offers its Sim Cards with 6-month subscriptions, after which time you can continue with the package or not. While with the Encriptados SIM Card there are no plans or subscriptions, there is also no time limit to consume the resources, that is, the data or minutes will not expire regardless of how long it takes the user to spend them.

Payment options

The Encriptados Sim Card has multiple payment methods, including credit card payments, secure and anonymous payments using cash deposits at ATMs or cryptocurrency transfers. Buy safely and with total anonymity.

Encriptados the best option of SIM Cards for encrypted communications of high security and Privacy

Frequent questions

The Encriptados Sim Card is the best alternative to OMERTA, with more complete features, better prices and greater privacy for the user.

Encriptados Sim Cards are secure cards that work worldwide with IMEI and IMSI code hiding systems, allowing secure international calls, keeping geolocation information encrypted and giving the phone an additional layer of privacy.

Yes, an Encriptados Sim Card can be used on any type of mobile phone or tablet. It is compatible with any operating system or application.

The Encriptados Sim Card is not tied to plans or contracts. The user can take as long as they like to consume the package’s resources before reloading. As long as it is being used, the balance will not expire.