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Encrypted Phones

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An encrypted phone is a smartphone to which a license with a new operating system has been added that makes the device secure and with military-grade privacy, with functions that keep the information that enters and leaves encrypted and secure the phone from start to finish.

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Military encryption that keeps all information safe.

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All media items like photos, videos, and documents will be safe and private

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You cannot be located or intervened anywhere in the world

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User-friendly operating systems

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PGP Mail and timed messages being deleted on both devices

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International coverage in more than 200 countries

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Vault in the cloud to keep the most sensitive information safe

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No court dates, contracts, or subscriptions

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In Encriptados you can choose the Encrypted Phone with the features that fit your needs, at excellent prices and with various payment methods.

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In case of doubt, consult our chat for more information and check compatibility with our International SIM Card – Encrypted.

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