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We take your security seriously!

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Send encrypted messages with the best apps on the market

Encrypted messages

Keep all your messages secret with the best encrypted apps!

Encrypted Applications are apps designed with strict security policies and ultra-secure protocols that will keep all chats, messages and calls private, making it impossible to spy on or intervene in any conversation.

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State-of-the-art technology that keeps all information safe

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Private multimedia, photos, videos and voice chats always encrypted

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Encrypted geolocation information

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Simple and easy to use systems

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 Temporize messages so that they delete themselves after a certain time

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International coverage in more than 200 countries

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 Information encrypted and away from hackers or malicious third parties

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No contracts or personal data at the time of purchase

Why choose us?

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Get your encrypted application and send encrypted messages

Encrypted Apps

Secure Crypt
From 390 U$

Silent Circle
From 113 U$

From 75 U$

From 195 U$

From 950 U$

VNC lagoon
From 180 U$

From  50 U$

From 15 U$

From 115 U$


In Encrypted you can choose the encrypted application with the characteristics that fit your needs, with excellent prices and with various forms of payment.

Payment methods

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