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Encrypt your cell phone with the best licenses on the market

Encrypting your cell phone has never been so easy and secure

You will not be able to be located, hidden or spied on!

By encrypting your cell phone with an encrypted license you will be adding a new operating system to your device with military features, which will offer you 100% private communications, impossible to intervene or hack.

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All information entering or leaving the device will be encrypted by military technology

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Multimedia content such as messages, photos, videos or voice chat will be encrypted and away from any malicious third party

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You will not be able to be identified or geolocated no matter where you are in the world

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Operating systems are intuitive and very easy to use

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You will be able to time the messages so that they are deleted on both devices after a set time

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You will have international coverage around the world without additional roaming charges

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You will have a secure vault for the most sensitive files and a wallet for cryptocurrencies

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There is no need to sign contracts or provide personal data at the time of purchase

 Why encrypt your cell phone with

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Encrypt your cell phone with
the best licenses on the market!


In Encriptados you can choose the license with the characteristics that fit your needs to encrypt your cell phone, buy yours at the best price and with various forms of payment.