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Debunking Myths: Truths About Communications Encryption

Communications encryption is a cornerstone of protecting online privacy and security. However, in the vast digital landscape, myths and misunderstandings have arisen that can divert people from fully understanding the importance and reality of encryption. We’ll debunk some of these myths and highlight essential truths about communications encryption.

Myth 1: Encryption is Only for People with Things to Hide

TRUTH: Encryption is not exclusive to those who have dark secrets. It is a fundamental tool to protect everyone’s privacy online. From everyday conversations to financial information, encryption is an essential barrier against espionage and unauthorized interception. We should all think about encryption as something fundamental in our daily lives.


Myth 2: The Encryption provided by conventional applications is Unbreakable and Infallible

TRUTH: Although applications like Whatsapp or Telegram claim to have infallible encryption, the truth is that this type of app does not have such powerful and innovative encryption. Additionally, their privacy policies put user information at risk. We must inform ourselves better and choose safer and stronger options.


Myth 3: Encryption is Only for Technology Professionals

TRUTH: With the proliferation of applications and services, encryption has been simplified for the average user. Many instant messaging applications and email services now incorporate end-to-end encryption automatically. Clearly there are some that are stronger than others and we must consult the specifications of each one. However, you don’t have to be a tech expert to benefit from encryption; It is designed to be accessible to everyone.


Myth 4: Encryption Stops All Forms of Cyber ​​Threats

TRUTH: While encryption is a valuable defense, it is not the only security measure necessary. It should be combined with strong security practices, such as the use of strong passwords, regular system updates and constant awareness of cyber threats. Encryption is one piece of the online security puzzle.


Myth 5: Encryption Slows Communications

TRUTH: Modern technology has advanced enough that encryption does not cause a slowdown in communications. Efficient algorithms and advances in hardware allow encryption to be performed almost imperceptibly to the end user. In addition, this type of system does not consume as much RAM, which sometimes even makes the phone more efficient and the battery lasts longer.


Myth 6: Big Companies Protect My Data Better Than I Do

TRUTH: Although large companies invest in security measures, the ultimate responsibility of protecting your data falls on you. In addition, many companies offer encryption but collect a lot of personal information or private data which is somewhat contradictory.

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