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Beware! Not every service that claims to be encrypted guarantees your security

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and messaging apps pose a significant risk to our daily privacy due to the large amount of personal information they store and transmit. These devices and apps can track our location in real time, access our contacts, photos and messages, as well as collect browsing data and usage habits. Additionally, many apps and services collect data without our explicit consent and may share it with third parties, increasing the exposure of our personal information. This has made it necessary to look for alternatives for our communications that integrate an encrypted service to protect us, but be careful, because not every service that claims to be encrypted can guarantee your privacy.

Be suspicious and investigate the different types of encryption.

Try not to assume that any app or mobile device that claims to be encrypted or has end to end encryption will protect your communications and always keep you private. Some companies often make claims that they have strong encryption or an impenetrable product but they do not have evidence to prove it, which is why you should know about brands, types of encryption and functioning so that as a consumer you know which product to choose.

Several companies on the market still use old and fairly simple encryption methods that are relatively easy to intercept. Many other companies are just beginning to apply encryption that other apps have already been using and evolving for many years. For example, if a company that promotes encryption products or services says that it is not possible to send messages to offline contacts, it is because it is still using an old encryption system that has not evolved for the current digital age.

Another clue that they may be using outdated systems is if they indicate any warnings that their architecture requires more power to run, reporting that your phone’s battery life will last longer if you use a WIFI connection instead of GSM data.

Additionally, if any company or company offers immunity against software like Pegasus, but its system allows you to download third party apps, then it is offering misleading advertising, since while you can download third party apps, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be immune against Pegasus and others malwares.

The worst part of this scenario is that if a user’s phone receives the spyware, for example by adding WhatsApp and they communicate with another user of the same product, thinking they are protected, they can also inadvertently become a victim. Once installed on your phone, Pegasus can spy on you, taking control of the GPS, camera and microphone, collecting passwords, data, keystrokes and browsing history.

Get to know the company that offers the Service.

Investigate the reputation and experience of the company providing Encrypted services and whether they are really experts in cybersecurity and secure communications; many companies offer these services without being experts or having in-depth knowledge of the subject. Furthermore, there is no point in having an encrypted service or product if the same company that offers the service captures a lot of personal information that can then be shared or sold and used maliciously.

A good company that provides safe communications services and encrypted products, does not request a large amount of personal information, nor requests contract signatures and has strict data protection protocols so that not even the company itself can access user data. Be wary if you have to sign documents or hand over personal information like any other communications company .

How to choose a secure encrypted app or cell phone?

When choosing an encrypted app or cell phone, it is essential to follow a few key steps. First, research the options available on the market and pay attention to user reviews and ratings. Look for apps and devices from well known manufacturers that have a track record of commitment to data security and privacy.

Second, check the company’s transparency regarding its encryption protocols and privacy policies. A trusted app or device must provide detailed information about how data is encrypted and how user privacy is protected.

Encriptados, a global symbol of trust and security.

At Encriptados we have characterized ourselves as an international company that is an expert in secure communications and cybersecurity. We do exhaustive work to select the best encrypted apps and phones in the world to offer them to our customers. Within our catalog you can find applications such as Silent Circle, Threema, VaultChat or Armadillo Chat, as well as cell phones such as Cryptcom, ChatMail, Renati, GhostChat, Tribu among others.

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