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A Secure Password. How to create it and why should you change it frequently?

Year after year, millions of people are affected by cybercrimes where they lose information, money or are victims of identity theft, in most cases the reason is a weak password, easy to decipher and that has not been changed in years.

Creating secure passwords and changing them periodically are crucial practices in protecting our accounts and personal data in an increasingly digital and connected environment. The importance of these measures lies in preventing our passwords from appearing in deep web databases or being compromised by cybercriminals.

Worldwide, it is common to find people with easy and simple passwords to decipher, for example numbers from 1 to 6, the name of their pet, a birthday or even the name of their favorite soccer team. That is why it is important to create strong passwords.

Your passwords must be unique: That is to say that for each account or network in which you must have a password, the ideal is that you have a different one and not that you use the same password you use for your bank, in another place such as Facebook or on a blog, because, if the hacker has access to just one of these sites he can easily steal the rest of the accounts.

Your passwords must be strong and complex: You should avoid at all costs using passwords with names of family members, partners or pets. Birthday dates or easy-to-guess passwords. It is also important that you investigate which are the most used passwords in the world and that you avoid using one that is on the list, such as numbers 1 to 6.

You should try to create passwords that have little to do with you, that have different characters and numbers. Ideally, they should be 8 characters long, with: Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters.

Additionally, changing passwords regularly is essential due to the constant threat of data breaches that lead to passwords being found on the deep web. Personal information and login credentials are a valuable asset for cybercriminals and once exposed on the deep web, they can be used to access multiple accounts and perpetrate identity theft, financial fraud, and other cybercrimes. By changing passwords periodically, we limit the window of opportunity for attackers to use stolen passwords, thereby reducing risk and strengthening the security of our online accounts.

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Encriptados.io is the best option to protect communications and keep personal and business information private. We have encrypted cell phones with military technology that keep all calls, chats and data that go in and out of the device safe and encrypted. You can also find the Encriptados International SIM Card that will give you total anonymity and keep all connections and calls safe, offering international coverage.

You can also learn about encrypted applications for secure messaging, which offer protection for all the chats, photos, audio messages and videos you share.

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