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10 Reasons to Choose Encrypted Apps in 2024

In a world where cyber threats and loss of privacy are a constant concern, choosing encrypted applications by 2024 will be essential. Encryption is a critical layer of security that ensures your communications and data are protected from potential intrusions.

The risk of conventional applications

Mainstream messaging apps have been the subject of concern regarding their privacy policies. These apps collect a large amount of user data such as phone numbers, contacts, location information and message metadata. Additionally, both platforms are linked to parent companies that may use this data for advertising or other commercial purposes.

For example, one concern with Whatsapp and Telegram is the security of the data transmitted. Although both apps offer some level of encryption, they do not use End-to-End encryption by default in all cases. This means that messages and files can potentially be accessible to third parties or even the companies that manage these applications.

Whatsapp also records your interactions within the app, such as the groups you join, the contacts you communicate with and the messages you send and receive.

10 Reasons to Choose Encrypted Apps

1. Privacy in the Digital Age
Online privacy has become a rare commodity. Encrypted apps protect your conversations and data from prying eyes, giving you more control over your personal information.

2. Security of Sensitive Data
If you handle sensitive information, such as financial or medical data, encrypted applications ensure that this data is safe from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

3. Secure Business Communications
For companies, encryption in communications is essential. Protects business conversations and guarantees the confidentiality of strategic information.

4. Protection against Cyber ​​Attacks
With the increase in cyber attacks, having encrypted applications is having a shield against hackers and malware. Making your data remain inaccessible to cybercriminals.

5. Safe Personal Conversations
Whether talking to friends or family, encrypted apps ensure that your personal conversations are protected and not subject to unwanted surveillance.

6. Encryption of Text Messages and Voice Calls
Encrypted apps not only protect your text messages, but also offer secure voice calling, ensuring end-to-end encrypted communication.

7. Strict Privacy Policies

Unlike conventional applications, encrypted apps have strict privacy policies designed for users where not even the same company that offers the app can access many of the user’s personal data.

8. Attachment Integrity
If you share files through encrypted applications, you can be sure that the integrity of the files is maintained, without risk of tampering or unauthorized access.

9. Special Features
Most encrypted applications come with unique features, such as remote deletion of messages, sending encrypted photos, videos or voice notes, the option to restrict screenshots, and many others that offer greater anonymity and privacy.

10. Tranquility and Confidence
Knowing that you are communicating safely, away from malicious third parties and being able to talk about any topic, generates security, confidence and peace of mind to communicate with all your contacts.

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