DEC Secure

DEC Secure offers complete peace of mind when it comes to the privacy and security of the information on your mobile device.

DEC Secure License 12 months Activation/Renewal Without SIM



DEC Secure License 6 months Activation/Renewal Without SIM



DEC Secure License 3 months Activation/Renewal Without SIM



VPN always on

Secure Call will not work if a secure VPN connection cannot be established, ensuring that your communications are never sent exposed.

Dedicated Container

Installation of Secure Call within a dedicated container is required, protecting data and application usage against inappropriate eavesdropping.

List of independent contacts

The dedicated Secure Call contact list is inaccessible from outside the app, keeping your Secure Call contacts private and discreet.

Hardware – Reliable Mobile Devices

Encrypted mobile devices designed, assembled and tested to ensure their integrity. Optimum operation with the operating system, rigorous manufacturing procedures, security, reinforced tests and quality assurance.


Secure operating system

Operating system with unbreakable cybersecurity technology, security patches, updated against emerging threats and intuitive user interface. Full disk encryption.


Multiple layers of security for military-grade protection

We continually develop additional layers of security, making information theft virtually impossible. This guarantees our users a private communication and beyond the reach of any espionage attempt.

DEC Secure Call

DEC Secure Call gives you everything you'd expect in a secure communications app, including always-on AES-256 encryption; individual and group voice calls, video calls and messaging Your communications are 100% private, we cannot listen to your calls or read your messages under any circumstances, and nothing is stored on our servers.

Conference and group calls

Fully encrypted multiple voice and video calls with up to 10 participants allow you to use a single platform for all your secure communications.

Secure call routing

Calls can be routed through the Secure Call server for additional privacy protection and location and IP anonymity.

We keep you connected securely and privately

We not only protect your data on the smartphone, but also make sure that your web browsing, transactions and communications are also protected.


No-click vpn

Automatically connects with automated authentication, not allowing you to send or receive unprotected data


network security

A sophisticated network security and threat detection and response program thwarts the efforts of cyber attackers


firewall control

It prevents all unauthenticated and unencrypted connections, eliminating the possibility of inappropriate exposure.

The security of your data is our top priority

Mobile App Management
Managed private app library to deliver apps to the device without a connection to public clouds.

whitelist Complete whitelist of apps to stop downloading, or deploying spyware or inappropriate apps.

Approved apps only
Our team has independently reviewed each app in the library to validate security and privacy criteria.


Supports attachments

Send and receive images, audio, video, and other files online with messaging to share your most private information securely and efficiently.


Remote privacy protection

Automatic message deletion and screenshot prevention prevent the risk of inappropriate content sharing.


Zero access to data

No communication history information is stored on DEC's servers and there is no way to access or intercept messages.

Mantén tus datos personales y privados separados


Confidential data secured

Multi-container functionality known as "Safe Zones" allows the use of a single device to manage personal and private data separately and securely.


Easy access

Access workspaces from the home screen and switch between safe zones by swiping left or right.


Independent Security

Each safe zone has its own security policies for data isolation, including separate PIN code protections.

Remote management of your mobile device

DEC Secure provides remote and centralized management of your generic Android security features


Device security policies

Administrative management of over 100 different individualized device policy settings to mitigate attack vectors you didn't know existed.


Remote lock and wipe

Remotely lock your device or send a command that instantly wipes all data, eliminating the risk of exposure due to loss or theft.


OTA firmware updates

Automatically obtain and install firmware updates, keeping the device updated and complying with security policies.

Frequent questions

By encrypting the cell phone, the original operating system is replaced by a military-grade encrypted one, with special features such as encrypted chats, secure calls, remote destruction, among others that you can learn about at

In addition to the security and privacy offered by an encrypted cell phone, there will be features such as encrypted chats, remote deletion, encrypted mail, timed messages, cloud storage and multiple encrypted applications.

In case of losing the phone or being a victim of theft, a predetermined combination of characters can be sent to the chat itself to eliminate all the information on the cell phone. In other cases, it can be done by contacting the license provider.