Protect all your information with a powerful chat and encrypted mail

Triple layer of encryption

Cryptcom License 3 months Activation/Renewal + SIM



Cryptcom License 6 months Activation/Renewal + SIM




Hardware – Reliable Mobile Devices

Encrypted mobile devices designed, assembled and tested to ensure their integrity. Optimum operation with the operating system, rigorous manufacturing procedures, security, reinforced tests and quality assurance.


Secure operating system

Operating system with unbreakable cybersecurity technology, security patches, updated against emerging threats and intuitive user interface. Full disk encryption.


Multiple layers of security for military-grade protection

We continually develop additional layers of security, making information theft virtually impossible. This guarantees our users a private communication and beyond the reach of any espionage attempt.


Messages are sent with high-level ECC encryption within the secure network and use PGP with other networks.


Messaging with triple layer of security: CryptCom Messenger uses three layers as a delivery method, to ensure your messages are always delivered.


Layer 1: ECC encrypted instant message (chat) Layer 2: ECC encrypted email message Layer 3 - PGP (RSA) - Encrypted email message In the event that a transport layer is not available, your message will be sent with the next transport layer.


No encrypted messages held on any system: Encrypted messages reside only on the sender and recipient's smartphone until deleted by the preset self-destruct timer.


Message timer: Control and set a certain time for messages to be deleted on both sides of the conversation.


Panic button You can instantly wipe your phone with the press of a button or through a keyboard sequence. After deleting data you can do a wipe of the internal flash drive, writing several layers of 0 and 1 on it to prevent any third party from extracting previously deleted data.

Frequent questions

By encrypting the cell phone, the original operating system is replaced by a military-grade encrypted one, with special features such as encrypted chats, secure calls, remote destruction, among others that you can learn about at

In addition to the security and privacy offered by an encrypted cell phone, there will be features such as encrypted chats, remote deletion, encrypted mail, timed messages, cloud storage and multiple encrypted applications.

In case of losing the phone or being a victim of theft, a predetermined combination of characters can be sent to the chat itself to eliminate all the information on the cell phone. In other cases, it can be done by contacting the license provider.