Communicate securely, encrypted and anonymously.

Fully encrypted communication, devices and servers. All developed in a modern interface.

VAULTSECURE License 3 months Activation/Renewal



VAULTSECURE License 6 months Activation/Renewal



VAULTSECURE License 12 months Activation/Renewal




Private network

We use multiple networks for our platforms. All of our servers are installed separately and are not tied to a device, account or application.



All devices are brute force protected and cannot be hacked. If necessary, we can remotely wipe your device



For each function we use the highest encryption. These cannot be decrypted without your keys and passwords. You control your privacy.

Encrypted Chats

Fast, internally encrypted communication with other VaultChat users. Send and receive images and voice notes and make group chats.

Encrypted Chat

We have implemented OMEMO / ECC / AES256 in our popular chat system. No message can be read on our server by anyone at any time! We have the best encryption and we do not store data. All images and voice notes are also encrypted!

Self-destructive messages

Messages that self-destruct take priority over everything. Set your timer to destroy all messages when the time is up

Welcome to evolution

Multi-layer encryption protocols, user-friendly interface and modern features.
This is what you need to communicate securely with your contacts and keep your data safe.


Encryption keys on the device

Your encryption keys for email, chat, and calls are generated on your device. These keys do not leave the device and can be regenerated at any time.


Device Security Manager

All devices are monitored by our security system. There is no possible way to hack, penetrate or deliver malware or viruses. If necessary, we can remotely wipe a device and leave no trace.


Release and updates

We update and improve our products, we keep releasing new updates regularly

Encrypted emails

PGP Email to communicate with other providers. All emails are not stored on our server and encryption keys are generated on your device. You have full control.

PGP Mail

PGP Mail is one of the most widely used encrypted communication methods. We have built this app so that you control your keys too. The messages are stored on the device and not on the server. You can delete them at any time and they will be gone forever.

Encrypted calls

Call your contacts securely within Vaultchat. No interference or traces of the phone call. We use the highest encryption possible to keep your conversations private.

Encrypted calls

We use the highest possible encryption, the ZRTP protocol implemented with our additional authentication and AES. We have built a separate platform and gateways to keep your conversations private.

Frequent questions

Vault chat encrypted chat implements military grade OMEMO / ECC / AES256 system. No message can be read on our server by anyone at any time

PGP is one of the most widely used programs to encrypt and decrypt emails which stands for Pretty Good Privacy. All emails are not stored on our server and encryption keys are generated on your device.

Depending on the license purchased, it must be renewed every 3, 6 or 12 months. Learn about all available VaultSecure licenses