Fully encrypted smartphone with Os Operating System

100% safe and usable. Protect your data and keep your favorite apps.

Pixel 4A XL




Kaymera Phone
License 12 months Activation/Renewal

1700$ | 1850$


Os operating system

Custom on high-end devices

Application security

Real-time risk level monitoring

On-device management

Premium security on your smartphone


Security alert system


Detection and mitigation


Personal security chameleon + emergency recording


Private and end-to-end encrypted chats with remote and automated deletion


Group chats of up to 12 contacts with total security


Secure calling and messaging for business and private conversations


PBX / Telephony integration. Integrate all the members of your company and communicate safely

Real-time risk level monitoring

Analyze the level of protection or risks that your device has in real time and take the appropriate measures.

Privacy First

Prevent harmful cyber attacks from harming your organization. Kaymera continuously protects your location, voice calls, messages and files

Chameleon mode. One phone, two realities.

Experience a whole new concept of identity and data protection with Kaymera’s advanced security technology. Limit data access if your phone falls into the wrong hands.

High-End Device and Unparalleled Operating System in a Google Pixel Phone

Frequent questions

By encrypting the cell phone, the original operating system is replaced by a military-grade encrypted one, with special features such as encrypted chats, secure calls, remote destruction, among others that you can learn about at encrypted.io

In addition to the security and privacy offered by an encrypted cell phone, there will be features such as encrypted chats, remote deletion, encrypted mail, timed messages, cloud storage and multiple encrypted applications.

In case of losing the phone or being a victim of theft, a predetermined combination of characters can be sent to the chat itself to eliminate all the information on the cell phone. In other cases, it can be done by contacting the license provider.