Exclu Messenger

Integrate the most secure and sophisticated encryption protocols, guaranteeing the security of your data. Our App receives regular updates, improving and keeping up with the latest developments.

Encrypted App
License 6 months

SIM Free




  • More secure messages. The encryption keys for PGP and chat are stored on a secure server, so you can store the most important information on your phone. There is no way for third parties to decrypt and access your messages.
  • PGP and chat names are different. PGP name can be changed from the app, chat user stays the same throughout the period subscription.


  • Our messages are incredibly fast and delivery is instant!
  • Flash messages. These types of messages disappear after a selected period of time.


  • List of notes with content preview
  • You can add personal notes to each person, edit their name for the contact list or start private chat.


  • Send images to other users Exclu; you can also share information through PGP.

The most sophisticated communication platform
 Your peace of mind is ours!


fake password option

With this option, you will be able to reinstate your account and alert your contacts


Access to the App

When you are logged out of the app, login is only possible if your credentials are correct and there is a secure connection to our server.



We use private (own servers) VPN and public protocols. With the double layer connection, your data is more protected and secure. Hackers will not be able to access your information.


icon change

In the settings menu, you have the option to change the Exclu icon to another of your choice, this way it will look like another App. Exclu notifications are hidden behind the selected logo.


  • Conference.
    As an administrator you can easily find and add contacts to conference calls


  • Secure calls with mute and put on speakerphone features
  • Encrypted voip calls

Our support team provides you with fast and effective help in
any situation that may arise


Secure encryption protocols

These are audited by cryptography experts, to detect possible errors and backdoors.


Remote wipe

Remotely delete all the data you have stored on the device.


Informatic security

Updates our mobile app with the latest security patches

Documents / Vault

  • All your files are securely encrypted in an AES256 bit container within the app.
  • The app also features brute force protection to ensure the safety of your files.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Exclu Messenger is a secure messaging application where you can call, chat or send any type of file safely. It has a secure container, protection against brute force, remote deletion among others.

Communicating with an application like Exclu is totally safe. You will be sure that all your conversations will be kept private and away from any malicious third party.

Exclu is compatible with any IOs or Android device. Download Exclu now and check its security.