Protect all your mobile information from start to finish

Industry-leading privacy platform designed specifically for mobile communications.

Ciphr Encrypted License 1 month
Activation / Renewal
Without Encrypted SIM




Brute force protection

Protected against online and offline cryptanalytic attacks


Peer to Peer

No data touches the Ciphr servers in an unencrypted format.


Private and international communication network

Customers can use their devices worldwide without additional roaming charges.

Ciphr Text

Instant messaging client designed for a quick conversation.

We use advanced ECC cryptography delivered in an off-the-record ("OTR") format.

All keys are generated and never leave the device.


Instant messaging with self-destruct timer

Group chats
Encrypted photos:

Encrypt and share images with your contacts

Ciphr Text

Voice notes:

Send and receive encrypted voice notes


Ensure continuous protection from eavesdroppers (MITM) using simple identity authentication

Message Burning:

Control how long messages stay on your and the recipient's device


Chat Key

Encrypt each message with a unique encryption key for deeper protection of your chats.


End-to-end encryption

Make sure that only you and the people you are communicating with can access the communication data


Remote wipe

Perform remote wipe of the phone by contacting us, in case of loss, theft or seizure.

Ciphr Mail

User controlled keys: Private keys never leave the device, with the ability to generate new key pairs for both ECC and RSA at will

Ciphr Mail

Burn messages: Control when messages from both sides of the conversation are deleted

Ciphr Vault in the cloud

Backup – Secure Vault: Secure
storage application, designed to ensure sensitive data remains protected

Backup Options:
Securely back up your records and restore them to the same or a new device

Notes folders:
Smart folders will keep important information organized

Frequent questions

It is important to know that once the cell phone is encrypted, it can no longer be used as a personal cell phone, it will be possible to use the applications and functionalities of the encrypted brand with calls, chats, among others.

The most recommended thing is that the encryption is carried out on Iphone or Samsung since they are more compatible hardware with encrypted licenses and they behave in a better way.

It is a secure vault where confidential information can be stored or backed up to protect it from any third party. No one else apart from the user will have access to this space and in case of changing the cell phone or losing it, this information can be restored on the new device.