Tips to improve cybersecurity on your cell phone

The cell phone is today a fundamental device to communicate and interact. More than 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. Being this a widely used tool that contains so much personal information, the ideal is that we learn how to protect it and improve its digital security, since they will always be a favorite soft for cybercriminals.


  1. Why protect our mobile device? 
  2. Tips to improve cybersecurity on your cell phone
  3. Protect yourself with encryption

Why protect our mobile device? 

According to recent studies, the rate of malicious activity has increased by more than 150% in the last 10 months, this is clearly due to the increase in internet use due to the pandemic and the digital reinvention of many companies and sectors that began to implement different digital strategies that have increased the circulation of personal data through applications and the network in general. 

The fact that so many people and companies are on the Internet and that so much personal and business information is on the move is a magnet for hackers who have found this increase in activity a perfect target for committing crimes and fraud such as hacking. , phishing or identity theft, cyberbullying, extortion, among others.  

In our cell phone we have information of all kinds, contacts, chats, financial accounts, passwords, private photos, sensitive conversations and much more data that we do not want to lose or be exposed to third parties. Isn’t this reason enough to want to protect the cell phone? That is why we want to leave you with some digital security tips and advice so that you can improve cybersecurity on your cell phone. 

Tips to improve cybersecurity on your cell phone

  1. Be careful who you give your personal data to:  The first step depends on us, knowing which applications we give permissions and access to. Although the ideal would be to completely avoid giving permissions such as location, contacts or gallery, in some cases we will have to do it if we want to use an app. So this is where you must be extremely careful of what you allow, remember that there are many applications disguised as video games or social networks that actually want to steal your information. Please read the privacy policies carefully before giving any permission.
  2. Don’t download apps outside official stores . If you need an app, go to the official stores. Play Store or App Store, completely avoid downloading applications from the browser or an external link. There are applications that look exactly the same as the original ones, but in reality they are apps that seek to steal information or download malware on your cell phone.
  1. Do not share everything on your social networks.  Social networks are quite useful and entertaining, but we must not forget that there are also cybercriminals and malicious people in them. Therefore, we must be careful with what we share and with whom we share it. We must avoid putting personal information such as the places we normally frequent, addresses, location, among others. 
  2. Use private profiles on your social networks.  If you seek to protect yourself, it is essential that you make your profiles private, so that only the people you accept can have access to your photos and information. Disable functions such as location and do not put data on the place of work, study or residence in the information tab. If possible, create or configure the linked email with one that you only use for networks and that is not your personal and main email.
  3. Install an antivirus, a remote wipe application and make backups.  It is very important that we think about installing an antivirus on the cell phone so that it gives an additional layer of security to the device, we also recommend installing a remote deletion or blocking app in case the cell phone is lost or stolen. Similarly, use strong and complex passwords that do not facilitate access. It is also very important that you regularly back up your files to a trusted external hard drive or personal computer. 
  4. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks and having Bluetooth turned on . Try to completely avoid public Wi-Fi networks, since in this type of network the information is exposed and it is very easy for hackers to access your information and your phone, even reaching the point of being able to control it, in case you do not If you have no choice but to connect to a public network, avoid financial activities or sharing sensitive data. Additionally, keep Bluetooth turned off when you don’t need it, as cybercriminals can transmit viruses or access the device. 
  5. Update your cell phone every time it asks you to . It is very important that every time the device asks you to install a new software update, you always do it, if you do not have space, find a way to free information to do it. With each update, the companies that design the operating systems correct security gaps and improve not only the interface but also the general protection of the device. That is why it is vital that you always keep your cell phone updated. 
  6. Use encrypted apps or Encrypted sim . If you are looking for a high level of security and much higher protection, the ideal is to use  encrypted applications with strict privacy policies so that all your messages are protected. You can also choose to change your sim card for an encrypted sim or encrypted  sim  that will give you security, anonymity and protection on the network. 

Protect yourself with encryption

Encryptados  is an international company that offers cybersecurity solutions to protect all your communications. In its marketplace, you will be able to find the best brands of  encrypted applications  so that you can send any type of message safely or make encrypted calls and video calls. You can also find the  Encrypted Sim , an encrypted sim card with which you cannot be located, intervened or tracked. You can communicate safely from anywhere in the world.

And if you are looking for military-grade protection, you can learn about the best  encrypted cell phone brands in  the world that will keep all the information that enters and leaves your phone encrypted so that no one but you has access to it.

Protect your information and your privacy.  is your best option for secure communications. 

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