Beware of new cyber scams that use the Covid19 vaccine as a decoy encriptados

Beware of new cyber scams that use the Covid 19 vaccine as a decoy

Hot topics are used by hackers to scam and commit crimes. Be careful and protect yourself with  Encriptados.

Since the pandemic exists, there is an issue that has caused a lot of expectation, the vaccine, we have all eagerly awaited it and it has been a longing of many that it be approved to begin to recover our normality, but now that we have it, we must be careful with cyber criminals and their scams.


  1. Do not fall for the new cyber scams with the covid 19 vaccine
  2. The vaccine is free
  3. be more rational
  4. Beware of Phishing and Ransomware
  5. Protect yourself with encryption

Do not fall for the new cyber scams with the covid 19 vaccine

Now that different types of vaccines such as Pfizer or AstraZeneca have begun to be approved, the issue on the networks, in the news and in people’s talk is none other than the vaccine. These viral and current topics are the most used by hackers to scam and take advantage of people. 

Since the beginning of December, IBM spokesmen alerted the community in general about phishing cases that were beginning to occur around the covid-19 vaccine and where computer criminals were posing as government entities to defraud the customs and other agencies responsible for transporting vaccines around the world.

Today that we see how the vaccination campaigns began in almost the whole world, we must be more than alert and control our emotions so as not to easily fall into the hands of cybercriminals. For example, in the United Kingdom, they are already vaccinating and hackers are taking the opportunity to send text messages posing as the British health system, in these text messages they request sensitive personal data and even direct people to external forms that they must fill out supposedly to wait for the vaccine. Unfortunately it is nothing more than a scam and there are already many victims who have had their financial information stolen. 

That is why you should take into account some tips to be careful with the scams that will haunt the vaccine.

The vaccine is free

Some people are panicking about the virus, this is understandable and totally normal given the numbers of infections and deaths around the world, but we must try not to let ourselves be dominated by that panic or fear to take actions that the only thing they will do is deliver our data or money to the wrong people. It was recently reported that the vaccine is being sold for quite high figures on the black market and on the deep web. Some people in their eagerness not to contract the virus have decided to pay these figures, clearly they have not obtained any vaccine and on the contrary they have lost money since once the payment is made the cybercriminal blocks all contact and disappears completely. 

This is why we must understand that the vaccine is free and there are vaccination plans according to age, comorbidities and other relevant factors. We must be more rational and wait our turn without getting carried away by despair that will only make us make bad decisions. 

be more rational

As we said in the previous section, we must be a little more rational. If we receive an email, a message or a call in which we are told that we will be vaccinated but they ask us for sensitive and financial data, the first thing we should do is doubt, be rational and take into account the vaccination plan of your country and city and finally get out of doubt. Alternatively, contact the supposed health center or entity that contacted you and ask if the call or message you received is real or just another scam. At this point we must be very rational and use common sense. 

Beware of phishing and ransomware 

Phishing is a technique in which cybercriminals impersonate another person or entity in order to hijack data, steal private or financial information. That is why we must be very alert to any link that we receive by text message, mail or chats and more if it comes from an unknown user. We should not click on any external link without knowing what it is and we should not give financial data to third parties for anything in the world. 

We recommend that you carefully check the emails from which you receive messages, since criminals normally use emails or links that are very similar to the original ones, but with some small variation. It is also important that you are constantly changing your passwords and updating them with more robust ones. If possible, the ideal would be for you to have a different one for each account, social network and financial application. 

In the case of ransomware we refer to viruses that also seek to access your information and in many cases encrypt it and request an economic ransom in exchange, just like phishing, you must follow the same recommendations, being careful with links and messages, you must also try to keep the operating systems of your cell phone, tablets and computers updated, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and do not connect USBs other than yours to your devices. It would also be quite important that you seek to improve your privacy with an  encrypted cell phone , an  encrypted application  or an encrypted sim to keep your data safe.

Protect yourself with encryption

For  Encriptados  , the most important thing is the security and tranquility of the users, that is why we seek to make people aware of adopting more correct habits in terms of  cybersecurity  and we also have a series of solutions for you or your company that will help you improve the entire digital security and protect personal and private data with ease and confidence. 

Meet the best  encrypted cell  phone brands in the world to have 100% secure communications. Discover which are the  safest  encrypted applications in the world to have on your cell phone and communicate with all your contacts. You will also be able to learn about the  Encrypted Sim , an encrypted sim card that works in more than 200 countries and gives you total anonymity and privacy.

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