The importance of having a VPN

Browsing the internet is a daily habit for all people, whether it is because you need to search for something, study, work or simply want to read an article. However, this simple action today is full of dangers that put our privacy and personal data at risk. For this reason, it is important to have tools that […]

Companies that were hacked How to prevent it from happening to yours?

The different companies that have been hacked around the world are the perfect example to start worrying about our cybersecurity. Today we will tell you about some of the companies that thought they were prepared but that in the end saw their computer security violated, we will also explain  what to do so that yours is […]

What is PGP technology and why should you use it?

Communications over the Internet have become an intrinsic act of humanity, and it is PGP technology that allows these conversations to be kept secure. Developed by the American Phil Zimmermann in 1991, PGP technology remains to  this day the most widely used and secure cryptographic system in the world.  We tell you everything you need to know […]

What is crypto and why is it important to everyone?

Although it seems like a complex word, cryptography is simply the art of hiding information. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used cryptography to prevent their military tactics from being intercepted. Currently, banks, large companies, celebrities and ordinary people make use of  cryptography applied to the digital field  to protect their data. In this article we will explain how it […]

Encrypted cell phones in the crypto world

It may be that when you hear the word crypto, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous cryptocurrencies, and you are not wrong, however, in the world of encrypted cell phones it becomes even more relevant. Technology does not stop advancing, new and better devices come out every day, but not only […]

The importance of cybersecurity in law firms

Now more than ever, law firms must have cybersecurity systems that strengthen trust between lawyers and clients. In the age of digitization, cybersecurity risks have become an increasingly worrying vulnerability for lawyers . In this article we will see what the most common threats are and how to avoid them. INDEX What are the most common threats? […]

Why mobile applications collect your data?

It is no longer a secret that mobile applications ask for your personal data to function correctly. In many cases, if you do not accept the permissions, the download is not possible. Games, social networks, mobile messaging applications, even the flashlight or alarm clock app have your information and do whatever they please with it. In this […]

The most common computer crimes and how not to be a victim of them

The internet has become part of our lives as an indispensable tool when it comes to communicating, interacting, informing ourselves, working, studying or buying, today we could say that it is a necessity and it would be difficult to imagine a world without it. Internet, without computers and  cell phones . And just as the entire cyber network […]

The Dangers of Public WiFi

Airports, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms and many other places are the ones that have public WiFi networks that aim to offer us internet access from our  cell phones  or devices, when we don’t have data, we ran out or we simply want to save a little of the consumption of our plan.  In our eagerness, ignorance or […]

The importance of encryption in organizations

Communication and encryption are two concepts that go hand in hand. Perhaps the term  encrypted  or  encryption  sounds recent or unknown, but in reality it has been a mechanism that accompanies the need to communicate since humanity began to use language. And it is that since ancient times people have sought strategies that allow them to transmit a message to a […]